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Slap Leather - Country Line Dance Step Sheet

This is just one of the many fun line dances we do each week at the Big Apple Ranch. Print it out to learn on your own or come on down to the Ranch every Saturday night for a lesson!

Choreographed by Gayle Brandon as Slappin' Leather
Description: 36 Count, 4 wall dance
Music: "Queen of Hearts" - Juice Newton

Heel Struts, Right, Left, Right, Left
1 R heel touch forward
2 feet together
3 L heel touch forward
4 feet together
5 - 8 Repeat

Right heel touch 2X forward, Right toe touch 2X back, Heel, Toe,Heel, Toe to side 1, 2 Right heel touch forward, two times
3, 4 Right toe touch back, two times
5 Right heel touch forward
6 Right toe touch back
7 Right heel touch forward
8 Right toe touch out to side

Right 'slap' heel behind - to side - in front - to side ¼ turn to left, Right Grapevine
1 Swing lower R leg behind and slap foot with left hand
2 Swing lower R leg to right side and slap foot with right hand
3 Swing lower R leg to left in front and slap with left hand
4 turn ¼ left(on L) as you swing lower R leg to side and slap with right hand
5 R step to side (now facing 9:00)
6 L step behind R
7 R step to side
8 L touch beside R

Left Grapevine, 3 steps back, Touch 1 L step to side
2 R step behind L
3 L step to side
4 R touch beside L
5 R step back
6 L step back
7 R step back
8 L touch beside R

Left forward shuffle, Stomp 1 L step forward
2 R step together
3 L step forward
4 R stomp together

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