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I Want to Be Whirled and Twirled

Reposted from Hot Nude yoga Blog

Written by Aaron Star

A few years ago, when I realized that my clubbing days were over, I sought a different outlet for "Saturday Night Fun." And then I found the The Big Apple Ranch.
Gay Cowboys at the Big Apple Ranch pants down

Like HNY, it is another community that has formed, and serves anyone who is interested in Two Stepping and other forms of Dance. The group is also one of the most friendliest ones around. They meet almost every Saturday Night!

After a year hiatus, I revisited The Ranch last Saturday Night. One of the great things about the Big Apple Ranch is that not only do they meet almost every Saturday night, but they offer lessons to new people one hour before the evening starts. As I haven’t been in almost a year, I decided to show up early to get a lesson. Since I was the only one who showed up, Geo, one of the very sexy group leaders gave me a private lesson and helped me find my “two-stepping feet”. I spent the rest of the night with many beautiful and patient men as I was twirled around the dance floor.

Shanti and peace



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