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October 24
November 14
November 28
December 12
Halloween Dance!
Boots, Bras and Boxers!
Thanksgiving Weekend!
Prairie Dog Bake Sale!
8-8:30 Beginning Two-Step 8-8:30 Beginning Two-Step 8-8:30 Beginning Two-Step 8-8:30 Beginning Two-Step
8:30 Line Dance:
Walk The Line
8:30 Line Dance:
Mucara Walk

8:30 Line Dance:
C'Mon C'Mon
8:30 Line Dance:
Crazy Foot Mambo

Taxi Dancers at the Ranch

New to dancing? New to the Big Apple Ranch? Look for the folks with the yellow buttons that say "Dance With Me", and ask them to dance! They're on the lookout for newbies like you. And if you'd like to be a "Taxi Dancer", just wear one of the buttons for as long as you'd like, and go look for new people to dance with.

Big Apple Ranch Video

What happens at the Ranch

Watch a video of dancing at the Big Apple Ranch, including an appearance by the Manhattan Prairie Dogs.

Big Apple RaUnch Pride Party

Lessons and Workshops

Check out the upcoming line dance lessons at the Big Apple Ranch. Look at videos and step sheets for some of the line dances we do each week. View the schedule for upcoming partner dance workshops. Learn new dances and new moves!

Special Events and Parties

Don’t miss the theme nights! Check out our schedule. And why not have your birthday or bachelorette party at the Big Apple Ranch? We offer fun packages and discounts.

Open 2nd and 4th Saturday Nights

Beginning Two-Step Lesson at 8:00
Line Dance Lesson at 8:30
Open Dancing from 9:00 to 1:00

25 West 31st St, 4th Floor, NYC
(Between 5th Avenue - Broadway)

December 12th
Annual Prairie Dog
Bake Sale and Performance!

NYC Media $9.99's Dave Evans features Big Apple Ranch and many of our dancers! After the intro, we're at 19:25.

Watch the Video

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